Apple and Google’s Contact Tracing App to help controlling COVID-19

Recently, Apple and Google partnered for Contact Tracing app to track and help people with COVID-19. Apple and Google are closely working with Governments and Health Organisations across the world to protect the people and get society back on daily routines.

Apple and Google announced the joint effort to create the cross-platform API that is going to share the data with Contact Tracing Apps. Both companies will use the Bluetooth technology to track and help to Government and Health agencies controlling the coronavirus with user privacy regulations by central government authorities. A number of tech companies, health authorities, universities, and NGOs are working to develop robust opt-in contact tracing technology.

So how this technology will help to reduce the spread of coronavirus?

Contact Tracing technology apps will help to locate the people who have been affected by Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and people who may have come in close contact via Bluetooth close proximity tracking. Then technology will notify the people to self-isolate or take preventive actions to protect themselves and others during this COVID-19 pandemic.

How Contact Tracing App Works

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How does Contact Tracing app work?

In May 2020, Apple and Google will release the API based tracking apps. People have to Opt-In to use it and share the data with public health authorities. Once someone has been tested positive for COVID-19, health authorities will confirm the test and notify the people who came in contact within 10 to 15 feet of the affected person by sending the notifications via apps APIs.

How to stop tracking by Contact Tracing apps for COVID-19?

The more people are participating in a program, the higher chances to protect the community from the spread of the virus, and staying informed. People who don’t want to join the program can uninstall the app, and it will stop to track them as per Apple representative said.

Furthermore, Apple and Google planned to stop tracking as numbers of infection decrease region by region. But they may re-activate the region if notice number of cases increased of coronavirus.

Testing and Integration

They are initially providing sample apps to public health agencies and using it for testing purposes. Once apps tested successfully, companies will integrate directly into iOS and Android apps. Technology is a great tool. And the world is hoping to get a better result with the help of advance technology.

Why Apple and Google will be leading companies for developing an app for COVID-19?

According to the data from Statcounter, almost 100% of mobile OS based on one of the two leading mobile operating systems, which is iOS and Android. They are the market leader in mobile software technologies. Apple is a leading company in mobile hardware technologies as well.

Also, it will be easy for both companies to integrate technology such as Contact Tracking with existing technology. They can also get the data quickly and efficiently due to the extensive user base of iOS and Android devices.

Is it compulsory to use the Contact Tracing app for coronavirus?

Apple and Google representative confirmed that the government couldn’t force to use the Contact Tracking apps to citizens. But they are requesting people to participate in a program once app released. It will help to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and make communities healthy and free from novel coronavirus.

COVID-19 Tracking app for Australia

Australian may have the same rule applied for opt-in and using the Contact Tracing apps. The Australian government may work with third-party app developers. But it seems, Apple and Google already announced this, so there are higher chances to use their Contact Tracing app. Data will be handled by local government privacy restriction and sharing with related health organisations only. The government is also thinking about data security and taking precautions such as data encryption. They also consider other problems like hacking and data snooping.


Apple and Google’s Contact Tracing App will be released in May. The app will help to track coronavirus patient and notify people those came in close contact. Data will be shared with government and health authorities with the respect of user privacy. It will be beneficial to use it but not compulsory and the Government can’t force to use it of their citizens.