Fortnite is coming back to iPhones over Nvidia cloud gaming platform

Fortnite is coming back to iPhones and other iOS devices via Nvidia cloud gaming platform this holiday. Nvidia has developed a cloud gaming platform “GeForce” to run the various games over the web browsers like Safari.

Why Apple banned Fortnite on iOS platform?

Apple and Epic Games lodged the legal complaint and case trial anticipated in California preciously. The dispute between both companies for revenue share landed Epic Games to get banned from iOS devices.

Epic Games accused Apple to have a monopoly of iOS platform’s purchases made via Apple Pay. According to the contract, Epic Games should sell In-App purchase only via Apple Pay and share 30% revenue with Apple. But Epic Games added direct payment option on Fortnite iOS game and breached the contract with Apple.  30% revenue is an immense amount for such a famous gaming company, and so they deny sticking with Apple’s platform for payments.

Apple asked Epic Games to reverse its direct third-party payment links updated on Fortnite, but they refused it. And so, Apple took the one step further and banned main-stream game “Fortnite”.

Is Nvidia bringing back Fortnite to iOS devices?

Currently, Nvidia supports Windows, Mac, Android and Google Chromebook, but the new platform update will bring it to iOS devices. Once Nvidia releases it in the market, iPhone and iPad users will be able to play Fortnite over the Safari browser.

Fortnite coming back to iPhones iPads

Image Credit: Epic Games | Apple

However, Nvidia formally hasn’t announced yet to have Fortnite coming back to iPhones and iPads via their cloud gaming service. But it is pretty much expected to launch Nvidia’s new cloud gaming platform for iOS by late November.

Apple hasn’t added any comment so far about Nvidia’s cloud gaming service for iOS. Unlikely, it is possible not to have Fortnite at the launch as Apple has strict rules for gaming companies to submit the game titles to get approved first. Some of these rules may hurdle the users for a seamless experience of cloud gaming platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages of cloud gaming service:

Advantages of cloud gaming service is a real problem solution where users can enjoy their favourite games from multiple devices. The games could be played on low-end hardware configuration too sometimes if cloud gaming service developed for it.

The disadvantages of cloud gaming platform are delays and lags during gameplay. It also depends on the internet so your network speed matters too and small lag could cause the problem during gameplay. You may even notice lower graphics quality and fluctuation, depends on your internet speed and device specs.

So cloud gaming service providing outstanding solutions, but it has some limitations too. But overall, it is the next-gen requirement and will cover the massive market in the future.


Apple’s and Epic Games issue over the revenue share left lots of users unhappy for both companies. But 30% revenue is the primary business model of Apple, so they don’t want to compromise on such a dispute. Another side, Epic Games earning multi-million dollars from In-App purchases and 30% revenue share seems too high to them. So they lodged a legal complaint in US court of having monopoly business structure by Apple. Both companies are still under legal trial in Californian court and waiting for outcomes. In the meantime, Nvidia trying to bring back “Fortnite” game over their “GeForce” cloud gaming platform to meet the users need.

Apart from the Nvidia, Amazon has it’s own “Luna” cloud gaming platform supporting iOS but “Fornite” is not the part of service.

Microsoft is also developing its “xCloud” gaming platform to support Safari, but the launch date is unclear.

We hope that Nvidia can get “Fortnite” game back for iOS users by this holiday.  Who knows! It might be the best Christmas gift for Fortnite gamers.