NBN Co announced the first few locations of FTTN to Fibre upgrade program

NBN Co just disclosed the first 17 locations of FTTN to Fibre upgrade program. The NBN Upgrade program announced a few weeks back in September. Under the upgrade program, NBN going to build the $4.5 billion Fibre network where FTTN technology in place currently across Australia.

What towns and suburbs are first in a queue of FTTN to Fibre upgrade?

There is a total of 17 suburbs listed from various towns that are going to get the benefit of FTTN to Fibre upgrade first. The list includes suburb listed below from all over Australia.

NSW: Belmont North, Carramar, Castle Hill, Charlestown, Holsworthy, Liverpool, Toronto and Wetherill Park

VIC: Narre Warren and Lyndhurst

WA: Cannington and Double View

QLD: Acacia Ridge, Browns Plains, Eight Mile and Oxenford

SA: Osborne

These 17 locations will cover about 100,000 premises for high-speed fibre internet connection. The first FTTN to Fibre upgrade expected to finish by the second half of next calendar year. And further FTTN to fibre network rollout plans may reveal in early 2021.

“By taking fibre deeper into these towns and suburbs, households and businesses will be able to access NBN Co’s fastest internet plans of up to 1 gigabit per second, with the fibre lead-ins connecting premises to the new local fibre networks built to the premises only when a customer orders an eligible service,” Mr Fletcher, the Minister for Communications said.

Mr Fletcher also added, “It is cost effective to start work now in these areas, and in this way we can spread and multiply economic activity across the nation by creating jobs and enabling more Australians to realise the benefits of even faster internet.”

FTTN to Fibre Upgrade Program

The benefit of having a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) internet connection

FTTN to Fibre connection can deliver multi-gigabit internet speed which is current and growing demand of broadband users. With the Gigabit broadband plans, any business can run IT Infrastructure smoothly. Due to the COVID-19, many companies moved to the online platform and working from home model. And so, high-speed internet is in demand to meet the user requirements of running these businesses efficiently.

During COVID-19, you must have come across the stage where you need to purchase something online or running your business as an online store. Also, lots of people are working from home, and VOIP phones are the best in that scenario where you can move it anywhere to keep the same number ringing. But it is running over the internet, and it has minimum speed requirements to talk flawlessly over the VOIP Phone system.

Gamers are one of the most demanding users for low latency high-speed internet. And a low latency internet connection is not possible with Fiber to the Node technology. So, Fibre to the Premises or HFC internet connection is the solution for gamers. They must be happy to have direct Fibre internet connection at an affordable cost.


NBN Co and the Australian government wants to build robust communication infrastructure which will help businesses and residents. The demand for high-speed internet has grown in the last few months and running a nation online. It is a necessity now to have a fibre internet connection where people can work from home, and children can learn online. Communication is one of the essential parts of the economic growth of any country.

The Australian government and NBN Co expecting to finish FTTN to Fibre upgrade by 2023. But final design and planning are pending for Fibre network extension. Hopefully, NBN will discuss it with retailers and contractors soon and declare the plans by early 2021. It is expected to have 500Mbps to 1Gbps internet speed with this FTTN to FTTP upgrade program.