Telegram’s deepfake nudity bot raises a women safety concerns

Telegram’s deepfake nudity bot has created over 680,000 women fake nude images and shared over the groups of people. The research team found that it has mostly shared in Russia and Eastern Europe.

CEO and Chief Scientist of Sensity, Giorgio Patrini said, “This one’s unique because it’s not just people talking or people sharing content, it’s actually embedded in Telegram, and we have not found something similar.”

What is deepfake nudity bot?

A deepfake nudity bot is a program that can process the person’s image and convert it in a nude picture with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The program used to create a nude photo of celebrities and share across the online platforms. But nowadays, the new user behaviour comes to know that uses a similar method to make nude pictures of known women without their concerns. A lot of times, these women getting harassed and abused with these kinds of activities.

Similarly, some programs used to make deepfake nude videos of celebrities in the past and still some using it. It is a real concern about women safety & privacy and lot of may have victimised by their friends and relatives. These kinds of technologies used by some maniac minded people to fulfil their sick fantasies.

How and why people using deepfake nudity bot?

The Telegram’s deepfake nudity bot is as simple as exchanging images. User can message the image to the bot, and it will convert it in a nude photo with the help of AI. Sometimes, these bots are asking for few cents in exchange for a partial or full nude picture.

Deepfake nudity bot workflow diagram

Image Credit: Sensity

The Telegram’s diagram above shared by Sensity explains how this deepfake nudity bot works? It is as simple as that to create a nude image for any person’s picture. Most of the time, people using photos downloaded from Facebook profiles as it’s an easy source for real people images. And so, some unstable minded people using their known women pictures to convert in the stripped picture. Once this picture shared with the user by the bot, they are using it for pornography, uploading to the online porn websites and similar purpose. It’s unfortunate, but this is the fact of deepfake nudity bot users behaviour which is not acceptable in any good society.

Telegram’s deepfake nudity bot statistics:

According to the Sensity research team statistics, 70% targets are private individuals and their photos taken from social media or private sources. The Telegram’s bot has 101,080 members worldwide, and 70% are from Russia and European countries.

The research team also found, “stripped” images shared publically for shaming or blackmailing individuals.

The data gathered during research shared with Telegram, VK (Russian social media website) and law enforcement authorities to protect victims and to stop the use of such bots.


The deepfake nudity bots and similar technologies usage can create lots of problems for women. These images shared over the public domain raising the women safety concerns such as blackmailing, public shaming and domestic violence. Any society in the world does not appreciate this kind of behaviour about women.

Sensity shared these data with related authorities and expecting some action taken against the users and bot operators. But it’s our social responsibilities too to look around and report it to the law enforcement authorities for women safety.