Log4j security flaw left Minecraft and millions of web servers vulnerable

A significant security bug found in commonly used server software left web servers vulnerable worldwide. Log4j security flaw soon became noticeable, and hackers tried their luck after discussing it online.

What is Log4j?

Apache Log4j is a popular open-source java logging software with over 400,000 downloads from its GitHub repository. Log4j 2 is the latest version and is widely used for server-based applications to generate logs of activities.

Many tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon and Cisco using a Log4j V1 or V2 for their web applications. Almost all Java-based web servers or applications use the Apache Log4j library, including popular Minecraft games.

How does Log4j (Log4Shell) security flaw affects web servers worldwide?

According to various security researchers, Log4j or Log4Shell vulnerability is serious.  The Log4j security flaw allows hackers to launch RCE (Remote Code Execution). So hackers can take control of a system and exploit it as they want.

With the exploitation of remote code, hackers can access application activity logs. The logs can provide lots of information about the server and application, which may help attackers target further.  Furthermore, hackers could get access to user’s sensitive data and may lead to ransomware.

A New Zealand’s CERT (Cyber Emergency Response Team) added that the Log4j vulnerability could allow attackers to take complete control of web servers.   And hackers may have “actively exploited in the wild” with the Log4j security bug.

According to Microsoft, hackers exploited the system via chat boxes by sending malicious text strings to users. These text strings could have any bug like a link to install malicious software to steal a user’s data.

Similarly, the Apple server has found various log entries where attackers could steal or delete sensitive data.

Log4j security flaw left Minecraft and millions of web servers vulnerable Log4Shell CVE-2021-45046 bug

How to fix the Log4j or Log4Shell security flaw?

Apache is a developer of Log4j open-source software and runs on millions of web servers. The company gave Log4j or Log4Shell vulnerability a “critical” ranking and developed a security patch. Apache asked IT teams to update the Log4j with the latest version to secure the server from hackers.

Further on, Microsoft asked users to update with the latest security fix for Log4j, which hosts Minecraft servers. So if you are the one who has own Minecraft Java Edition server, apply the security patch immediately.

Further on, Apache will monitor for the Log4j security flaw and develop more security patches in future. But the quick solution is to update Log4j (2) with the latest version to fix the CVE-2021-45046 security vulnerability.

Final Thoughts:

You may have heard many times about these kinds of security flaws in software life cycles. But some security bugs are known as zero-day or zero-click, like Apple Mail App vulnerability which needs to fix at priority. Or attackers may steal your personal data and lead to the financial loss.

However, tech companies keep monitoring for security flaws and developing security patches. They even release the security fix with the latest version before publicly releasing information.

Indeed, Apache has released the latest version of Log4j with security patches and recommends updating immediately.  Or there are higher chances that your server gets compromised as hackers are actively scanning the IP’s for loopholes.