How to send a view once WhatsApp disappearing messages for media?

WhatsApp recently introduced the view once disappearing messages for photos and videos. Yes, you might be familiar with this feature if you are using Snapchat or Telegram. This feature is different from enabling messages to disappear after seven days. This is for setting up real-time message disappearing after the recipient view it once.

How to send a view once and a disappearing photo or video message to WhatsApp contact?

You can send your photos or videos to view once, as usually send with one extra step. The below steps will guide you to send any photo or video to individual or group chat to view only once. These simple steps will work for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and other tablets.

  1. Open an individual contact or group chat where you want to send the view once media.
  2. Tap on Attach WhatsApp attach view once media to select Photos or Videos from Gallery or Tap on Camera Send WhatsApp One-Time Photo Message to Click Photo or Record Video to send.
  3. Tap on “1” WhatsApp View Once Disappearing Message with a kind of half-circle (it may show a popup notification about sending view once media).
  4. Tap Send Send WhatsApp View Once Disappearing Messages.

You will see two checks for Delivered View once photo sent and Opened View once photo opened receipt notification receipt once the recipient views the photo or video.

How to send view once WhatsApp disappearing messages

Image Source: WhatsApp

How do view once and disappearing WhatsApp messages work at the recipient end?

The recipient will see the photo or video sent as view once message and then disappear on WhatsApp messenger.

  1. Tap the photo or video message with tagged “1” View one photo received.
  2. View photo or video (it may show pop up notification about view once media).
  3. Go < Back to exit the media viewer.

Now, the recipient can see Opened View once photo opened receipt for media viewed once and can’t open a photo or video again.

What the advantages and disadvantages are of view once media messages?

View once media message is popular amongst the few messengers like Snapchat and Telegram. But WhatsApp is another famous messenger people using in day to day life to keep connected with their loved ones. The message like view once and vanished has many advantages and disadvantages together.

The advantages are like you can share details like a credit card, Wi-Fi passwords and similar things securely. So once the user opens such details as photos or video, it will disappear afterwards and can’t be opened again. Isn’t it a great feature?

The disadvantage of view once and disappearing WhatsApp messages vary.  For example, if you shared the password with your friend and by any chance they forgot again, then you have to send it again. Another common drawback with the view once message feature for any messenger is that people can screenshot without noticing. But yes, this feature is not new for some messengers, so people are aware of it unless someone is solely a WhatsApp user.

Also, the user cannot save it to camera roll or forward the view once media message.

Final Thoughts:

The view once and disappearing messages are known with some popular apps like Telegram and Snapchat. The feature is handy if used ethically, but some people using it for inappropriate message forwarding.

The message feature like view one-time and vanish could help somehow and be a matter of concern for society. Especially young people have to learn for its appropriate use to protect their and others privacy.

Overall, WhatsApp is the most popular app in many countries and view once then vanishing message feature will be fun. Users can use it for various purposes and securely share sensitive details with others. There will be no wonder if you see this feature on Facebook Messenger in future. After all, WhatsApp is owned by the social media giant Facebook.

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